Bas-reliefs with the special Power Mix

The product, called PowerMix, arises from the union of powders and resins which, when mixed produce a similar material all'argilla.L'impiego of this extraordinary compound, studied and tested for several years, allows to set up walls and large surfaces and representing realistic images such as landscapes, tree-lined streets, moving vehicles, monuments, sacred icons, and many other fantasy characters soggetti.Il Relief obtained with the application of PowerMix it can be made independently by all the do-it-technical enthusiasts te, following a training-illustration of the methods to be implemented to obtain the final product.
PowerMix is a product that can also be applied to the outside, at the end of the drying process PowerMix becomes hard as porcelain stoneware.
PowerMix can be applied on iron supports, galvanized steel, aluminum, glass, tiles, PVC, supports painted with old one-component sintetitci products and wood.


What do we do

Fascinating pictures, The professionalism of the authors, the dedication to work, these elements on which the company aims to appreciate its production, and spread new trends in the market for the design and realization of artistic relief.

The long experience of the founder, combined with the desire to offer something innovative to meet the various needs and personality, led him initially to experiment and then invent a special compound for the production of beautiful bas-reliefs. Un eshop professionale completo a soli 49 euro l'anno con NewCart
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